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Whole House Audio/Video — Savant Home Automation Denver and Control4 Denver Home Theater
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Whole House Audio/Video


Whole House Video Distributionnetflix video distribution

Watch anything, anywhere!

Access to information and media is requested at lightning speed. Everyone wants it all to happen now. Everyone wants to have it work easily.

Video distribution is one of our most fun and most powerful systems that we offer, but it is widely mis-understood. Most of you have the most basic video distribution now. Television, whether it be satellite or cable, comes in one place in the home and distributes out to each television that you own. Unfortunately, you have to have that company’s set top box in each room.

xbox video distribution

What if you could have one or two cable boxes, and they were available at any television location you have? No longer do you have a “Living room cable box” and a “bedroom cable box”. Now you have “John’s cable box” and “Melissa’s cable box”. Each person can record the shows that they want to watch. You can watch them wherever you want and whenever you want. Some people have mentioned DirecTV’s new whole house DVR service. We have tested this service, and it has significant drawbacks. Search our news feed ….

More importantly than anything, television is only the beginning. Would you like to have Netflix available at every TV? Maybe you already have a movie collection, and you would like to watch one of your titles in full Blu-Ray quality. This is something that no streaming, DirecTV, Comcast services can offer no matter how much they tell you they can. How about video games? Would it be nice for the family to play together without moving equipment from one room to the next? With our home automation systems you can control what sources are available in which rooms, and you can turn those rooms off when it is time for bed.

Whole House Video Distributionnetflix video distribution

Video distribution makes the possibilities limitless. It reduces the amount of equipment you have to buy. It allows you to add additional equipment easily. It keeps your equipment safe from overheating, power surges, and anything else that would shorten its lifespan.


Video Distribution Key features & benefits

  • Do not need sources at each television location, removing clutter from you new flat panel installation.
  • Personal cable/satellite boxes, so there is no more fighting over what to watch or record.
  • Centralized equipment provides a safer, more stable environment, so your equipment runs better and lasts longer.
  • No more moving video game systems from room to room depending upon where they are allowed to be played. Easily change rooms of play without losing a save game or breaking momentum of play.
  • Allows better use of space for active games like the Wii. You don’t have to cram four people in front of one television. You can have two people in in front of two televisions, so you space is not as crowded.
  • One easy interface brings up a menu of all video choices in the room you are using.
  • All of your favorite movies can be available with the touch of a button from any television location, whether that be a streaming service like Netflix, or your own personal DVD or Blu-Ray collection.
  • Video distribution is moving beyond television and media. Check the weather, your security cameras, surf the Internet, stream family pictures and video. The list will continue to grow, and it will be easy to add when you have our powerful video distribution system at your fingertips.
  • Video distribution is now escaping the confines of the home and allowing you to take all the content above, so you can view any of it on your Internet-enabled iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.