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Outdoor Entertainment — Savant Home Automation Denver and Control4 Denver Home Theater
James Teak Sub

Outdoor Entertainment

Take Control of you Outdoor Audio Video System.

Outdoor entertainment is one of our strongest specialties. Outdoor acoustics and integration take specialty knowledge that few electronics integration firms have. It has been a focus of ours for almost four years. Colorado mountain areas and Denver have such an amazing climate that it makes outdoor entertainment a must, but don’t let just anyone sell you a TV and speakers. Having an outdoor system designed and customized for your needs and space takes seasoned professionals that know how the exterior product fits in your space. We know what products work and which ones don’t. Just like all electronics, there are luxury products, mid-range products, and entry level products. outdoor audio video

Our designs will allow you to go way beyond TV and sound. Imagine being able to control everything with the touch of a button from you iPad or iPhone. Here are just a few things to ponder.

Outdoor Ideas

  • Do you want to simply fill a space with sound, or do you want a movie experience with full surround sound?
  • Do you want a basic outdoor television or do you want a huge screen?
  • Would you like to be able to see your outdoor space when you are not home?
  • Would you like to be able to turn off the hot tub and pool when you leave town, and turn them back on before you get home, so they are both ready to use?
  • Do you want to be able to play music at the hot tub, but not turn on other areas such as the pool, deck, or outdoor kitchen?
  • Would you like to have your lights turn on in the evening, based on the time of year and not just an arbitrary time? In the winter they may turn on at 5pm, but in the summer, they may not turn on until 9pm.
  • Would you like to turn on your heaters at the same time as everything else with the touch of a button, but only if it is cold out?
  • Would you like to choose a movie to watch without going back inside and putting a disk in the player?

The Audio Video Specialists will turn your space into an outdoor playground. Forget ugly, boxy outdoor speakers. Add sleak, invisible speakers that disappear into the space. This equipment is custom made and manufactured right here in the US. Add an underground or in-deck subwoofer for incredible bass to fill that outdoor space and make every party bump. But don’t worry about bothering your neighbors either. Our systems are designed to contain the sound in your yard, not your neighbors.

“Our landscape firm introduced us to The Audio Video Specialists, saying they could provide us a great TV area and sound for our new pool and hot tub. After our first meeting, I couldn’t believe all the things we could do. We can control our lights and heaters in addition to an amazing surround system. Our pool and hot tub area all have great sound, and we can turn on one area without the other. The best part is that we are able to control it all right from my iPad and iPhone. Later on we plan to add outdoor cameras and control our hot tub, even when we are not home.” – John C

Things to ask yourself

  • How will I be using my outdoor space?
  • Do I have to worry about bothering any neighbors?
  • What do I actually want to watch or listen to outside?
  • Do I want HD?
  • Do I only want television, or would I like to watch movies or play video games?
  • Where are all the new switches for lights and heaters going to go? Will they clutter my walls even more?


outdoor audio video pool

A large entertainment space like this deserves the best that outdoor entertainment can provide. Listen to your favorite music poolside, while another group watches the latest Blu-Ray movie under the covered deck.

Let your gang grill out in your outdoor kitchen while you catch the play by play of the Denver Broncos.
Once everything has settled down, turn on the jets to the hot tub, right from your iPad. Adjust the lights, and turn on some smooth jams. It’s been a long day, and you deserve some down time.

outdoor audio video

Once the night is over, turn off your entire outdoors from the touch of a button, knowing that your outdoor entertainment paradise and late night sanctuary will be ready for the next time. Plan your space and your outdoor dreams will come true when you team up with The Audio Video Specialists and any of our premier outdoor design and landscaping partners.





Maybe an outdoor television and surround sound just don’t cut it. You want something more. You want something unique. You want your family and guests to walk away from you home with mouths agape. Why not go all the way with an outdoor theater experience.

outdoor audio video

Take a 15 foot projection screen built right into your wall. Don’t worry about the projector, because you will never even see it. Incredibly bright imagery will amaze your friends and family alike everyone will have a great seat to see the latest sporting event or movie.

And as with all our systems don’t stop there, because you will also want only the absolute best in sound quality. You will have the ability to control your lights, pool and spa, space heaters. Select a movie right from you iPad because the power of your entire home is right there with you.

In Colorado, the great outdoors is exactly like that. Take advantage of our unique climate and welcome home. Welcome to The Audio Video Specialists your number one source to make your home more convenient, efficient, and fun.

Welcome to The Audio Video Specialists. Let us make your home more convenient, efficient, and fun!