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Savant and Control4Savant automation

The user experience is key…

Choosing your user interface is paramount to the satisfaction that you will have with your control system.

Your user interface will come in a variety of types from handheld remotes and touchscreens to in-wall touchscreens and keypads. Understanding how you will interact with these devices will make the user experience much more powerful. Once you are comfortable with the basics on how your system will work, now you have to decide what you want to make work.

Control4 Automation

It is extremely important not to make decisions too hastily at this stage. We find that within 12 months of ownership homeowners change their thoughts on what they would like to do, and their favorite parts of the system are often different than what they thought they would be.

Savant automation provides both local and remote access to control everything from  intelligent lightinghome theater or media room,whole-house audio and mediasecurity, and climate—any home appliance connected to a Savant Smart System. All this is done with lightning speed, as it runs on a specially loaded, dedicated Mac computer. Imagine being able to help a family member turn on the television or pick out a favorite movie when you aren’t even home. Maybe you have just come home from a long trip and can’t wait to get into your hot tub to relax. When you left, you put your home in away mode, so the hot tub lowered its temperature to save energy. Now you can get it ready, so by the time you get home, it will be the perfect temperature again, saving you both time and money.

Control4, easy to operate, lighter on your budget

Savant is not your only option. Control4 automation provides an incredibly powerful system with a lighter budget in mind. Just like Savant you can take control of your entire home from a variety of interfaces to control your lightingsecurity and keyless door entry,whole-house audio and mediaclimate and energy management, just about any device connected to a Control4 automation system.

Savant Automation Key features & benefits

  • Mac-based, dedicated processor for the fastest response of any control system on the market.
  • Native iTunes support to playback all of your media purchased in or out of the iTunes store.
  • Native iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch interface for top tier performance
  • Remote access right from your internet connected iPad or iPhone and inside the app.
  • Completely customizable graphics.
  • New handheld remote will be able to function dually has a telephone handset.
  • Savant’s trademarked on-screen display (OSD) overlays over your current video source, so you can manage your house without switching sources.
  • Savant True Image Control offers a revolutionary option to control anything in the room by literally touching the picture of it on your iPad.
  • Superior remote access for support engineers means less service calls and faster upgrades.


Control4 Automation Key features & benefits

  • The most affordable home automation system available.
  • Control4 manufactures many of the sub-system devices such as lighting and HVAC controls for maximum compatibility.
  • A wide variety of native interfaces from standard remotes, keypads, in-wall touch panels and the iDevices.
  • The web-based 4Sight account allows you to access your automation functions remotely.
  • A powerful media search and database service allows for the widest variety of content from mp3 and apple audio formats to Apple TV video, DVD, and Blu-Ray digital formats. This allows you the most flexibility and best quality available.
  • Control4 uses a proprietary zigbee mesh network, so the more Control4 you install in your home, the more reliable your system becomes.
  • Easy to program back end means you can spend more on the fun toys and less on a specialized programmer to make it work.
  • Savant True Image Control offers a revolutionary option to control anything in the room by literally touching the picture of it on your iPad.