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Services — Savant Home Automation Denver and Control4 Denver Home Theater


  • Automation & Control

      Savant and Control4 The user experience is key… Choosing your user interface is paramount to the satisfaction that you will have with your control system. Your user interface will come in a variety of types from handheld remotes and touchscreens to in-wall touchscreens and keypads. Understanding how you will [...]

  • Whole House Audio/Video

      Whole House Video Distribution Watch anything, anywhere! Access to information and media is requested at lightning speed. Everyone wants it all to happen now. Everyone wants to have it work easily.   Video distribution is one of our most fun and most powerful systems that we offer, but it [...]

  • Outdoor Entertainment

    Take Control of you Outdoor Audio Video System. Outdoor entertainment is one of our strongest specialties. Outdoor acoustics and integration take specialty knowledge that few electronics integration firms have. It has been a focus of ours for almost four years. Colorado mountain areas and Denver have such an amazing climate [...]

  • Energy Management

    ENERGY MANAGEMENT Take Advantage of Green Technology with Smart Energy from Savant The Green Initiative is not just a fad anymore. With the green message coming from everyone from President Barack Obama to GM, we are truly reaching a new age. Is it possible that last year’s gasoline spike will [...]

  • Theater & Media Rooms

    What is home theater? There are many choices…   Home Cinema The home cinema or screening room is usually a dedicated room with the sole purpose of watching movies and films with a superior experience. From the best video and 3D to heart stopping sound that perfectly recreates each whisper [...]

  • Lighting Control Systems

    Lighting Control Does Matter. We find that lighting control is still mis-understood by most homeowners and builders. We hear things like, “I’m not so lazy that I can’t walk to the wall and turn off my lights,” or, “That will make my lights too difficult to use.” Maybe that’s why [...]

  • Security

    Many people overlook the incredible importance that a security system plays in the role of home automation. If the control system is the brain, and the user interfaces are the hands, then the security system can be seen as the entire nervous system. Imagine your heating and cooling system knowing [...]

  • Shades and Window Treatments

    We Provide Motorized Shades and Window Treatments. There is an incredible array of choices for window shades, window treatments, and window blinds. When it comes to smart shades, motorized shades, or electronic drive shades, there simply isn’t a better choice than The Audio/Video Specialists. When you team up with a [...]

  • Phone Systems and Service

      Fonality Phone Systems Take Control of Your Business… Communications are vital to any company, large or small. Fonality helps you combat expenses and maximize the productivity of everyone within the company. By streamlining your inter-office communications, employees and management alike become more productive. Providing premium hosted services or server-based systems, this powerful [...]

  • Movies and Music Media Services

    Superior Media Organization Media organization has become one of the most challenging aspects of a control system. Some people may complain that over the last 30 years we have had too many media changes – records, 8-trak, cassette, CD. Video has seen VHS, Beta, DVD, HD-DVD, and Blu-Ray. That is [...]