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Design Philosophy — Savant Home Automation Denver and Control4 Denver Home Theater
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Design Philosophy

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Design Philosophy

At The Audio Video Specailists we want to amaze you with the possibilities. Most of our clients have no idea where technology can take them. We will be your guide through the myriad of technologies. We want to understand how you live, so that we can seamlessly introduce technology into your life and help you understand how this technology can benefit you. Technology should make your life easier, not more difficult. From our first meeing we can introduce you to the technologies that you can have in your home. We can establish a rough budget to start setting expectations. The size of the project will determine the amount and difficulty of the design. We always approach projects from a top down design philosophy. This means that the majority of the design work is done at the beginning to create a system to meet your needs and budget and also offer flexibility for changes and upgrades. By mitigating challenges early, changes that happen during the project can be overcome one by one without affecting the overall design or construction schedule. Many companies use a bottom up approach. They sell you on specific equipment and function. Then small challenges that occur at the beginning of the project due to building or client changes often become insurmountable by the end of the project without having to do major renovations, wasting time and resources. The next thing you know you have a system that doesn’t operate as should. So then what? Now that company that seemed to save you a few dollars by offering you a “free” design, doesn’t seem to good. But you committed to them, and they know it. If you fire them now, it will only cost more money, so what do most people do? They accept the second rate system and learn to live with it.

“We went over budget on almost every aspect of our house. Not only did The Audio/Video Specialists not go over budget, but after all the money we spent between remodeling and landscaping our home, we have enjoyed their system over every other aspect. I admit that I didn’t expect that. It was just something my husband wanted.” - Jen D.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Get it done right the first time. Set realistic budgets. Most people do add additional features and they do go over budget. However, with a proper design, even adding additional features you can know what to expect. When people offer you that amazing price, they are counting on those change orders because that’s where they make their money. In the end you end up spending the same or more than you did with us. And as I said above, you are committed, so when things start to go wrong, it is very difficult to make a switch. You are stuck, and they know it. How do we know this? That is because we are often called in to fix it. As Control4 and Savant automation specialists, we end up consulting with a client after their initial integrator was fired, stopped showing up, or went out of business. Unfortunately, this usually doesn’t happen until living with the system for a couple years! The homeowner finally just gets sick of it and wants to do something. If you hire the right team the first time, this story will not have to be told by you.

Is your house broken and you don’t even know it?

Many architects look at your project from a macro view, so they do not familiarize themselves with the intricacies of the building process, especially technology. Most builders do not understand technology, and as a result they are afraid of it, or they institute what a salesperson sold them. It is virtually always done in the most minimalistic fashion. But what happens when it isn’t done correctly? They will do the bare minimum, or they tell you, “Just let the electrician wire it.” Most of the technology sub-structure that goes into a home, especially if the house is a spec, goes unused and, therefore, untested. You won’t know that everything done was completely inadequate for your needs until way later. You may not know that things were installed improperly until you have spent money on a new system that is now being installed. This will result in a lot of money spent on expensive retrofits or your system may simply not be possible.

“I actually called them because I received their postcard in the mail. All I wanted them to do was run a cable wire to a new TV in my new pool room. But then Eric started telling me about all the things we could do. I had no idea some of this stuff was possible, and I thought this kind of technology would cost $100,000 or more. It wasn’t even close to that. Their system has worked flawlessly for almost three years, and we absolutely love it” - Greg W.

Aesthetics or Function?

This question is always a tough one to answer. In the end there is almost always a compromise, balancing the look and feel of each room with how much technology you want to have in it. This question is why you want us on the project at the beginning. The farther along you wait before you introduce a technology company, the more compromise you will have to make, unless you are willing to do part of the construction over.

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All of your home’s technology should work together – audio video systems, HVAC, lighting, shades, security, energy management, and even irrigation. We take a holistic approach to your new home or remodel. We examine how all the systems will work together. We look ahead for you, doing our best to forecast not only what you want now, but what you will want in the future.

Remember! Your architect, the builder, the electrician, trim carpenter, and all of the other subs will be gone once the project is finished. Your technology integrator will be with you for many years – upgrading your software, troubleshooting any problems, offering fun upgrades and improvements. Choose carefully. Choose The Audio Video Specialists.