Denver Home Show 2012

Incredible 3D Theater presented in Booth 1725 by The Rocky Mountain Design Collective

The Audio/Video Specialists together with Nora Johnson and Wynn Interiors presents the ultimate 3D fantasy theater. Featuring Runco’s incredibly impressive D-73 3D LED projection system along with Stewart’s 5D 3D Cinema screen, you will never see finer reproduction of the 3D experience. It is actually better than your local movie theater for both picture and sound. You have to come to see it in order to believe it. The show lasts all weekend, and you can see times by visiting

Rustic Media Room Denver Home Show

The Audio/Video Specialists is controlling the entire booth for lighting, audio, and video. Evergreen Glass installed a television behind the vanity mirror, along with their percussion based puck speaker. Using the iPad located in the wall next to it, you can turn on and off the lights, change the music, or play a movie. The kitchen area has the same features with the television located in the backsplash.

Check out this press release for the Denver Home Show. We are proud to be working with the amazing folks at Brent’s Place to transplant this fantasy theater to their facility once the show is completed.