• STOP! Don’t buy that Ford….yet

    Changes from model year to model year are an obvious and expected occurrence. In normal conditions these changes are almost always upgrades, feature improvements, or additional features. What happens when those feature improvements end up being a downgrade? What happens when you, the consumer, don’t know the change has been [...]

  • Denver Interior Glass Concepts from Evergreen Glass

      Interior Glass in Denver Transformed Forever The difference is in the details… One of the reasons I came to Colorado is that I love rustic. Cover my home in log beams and antler chandeliers, and I am in heaven. As a result, I have never been a big fan [...]

  • Savant HVAC Scheduling

    Making it easy for the homeowner to create their own heating and cooling schedule has always been a little challenging. That has all changed thanks to Savant’s new HVAC iPad scheduler. I have personally worked with many systems and a variety of ways to handle HVAC scheduling. This has ranged [...]

  • Knowledge : The Key to a More Efficient, Smarter Home

    ENERGY MANAGEMENT Take Advantage of Green Technology with Smart Energy from Savant The Green Initiative is not just a fad anymore. With the green message coming from everyone from President Barack Obama to GM, we are truly reaching a new age. Is it possible that last year’s gasoline spike will [...]

  • Savant Launches New Handheld Remote

      SAVANT SELECT™ A Remote Control Revolution… Never before has a hand-held smart remote been so innovative and versatile— so compact and easy-to-use. From simple source control in any single room to complete two-way whole-home automation, the Savant Select seamlessly merges the familiar functionality of Apple’s® latest iPod touch® (featuring [...]

  • Could Sony Follow Pioneer Elite and Exit the TV Business?

    Sony to Restructure TV Business Big changes are a’comin to Sony’s TV business, according to a recent article at After eight straight years of losses, the company plans to “overhaul the business” to reduce costs and more effectively compete with the likes of Samsung and LG. Last week, Sony replaced its home-entertainment [...]

  • Fox Makes It Harder to Cut the Cord

    Fox Makes It Harder to Cut the Cord The Wall Street Journal is reporting that, beginning in mid-August, Fox will no longer offer free streamed episodes of hit shows like “Glee” and “Family Guy” the day after they air. Both on Fox.comand via Hulu, fans will have to wait eight days to view free [...]

  • Is Wireless always the answer?

    Wireless, A Solution or a Problem? By Steven Stone Wireless can be a great thing. It’s easy to like wireless, because on the surface it seems so simple. And as the increase of wireless devices continue to bombard the market, there is no doubt that there is a place for it. However, it’s [...]

  • Fox Home Greenover Project

    CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEW HGOP FAMILY! We are so excited to be working with our HGOP family to help make their home more energy efficient by providing the powerful Command Center to help them understand their energy efficiency. Welcome to The Audio/Video Specialists. Don’t let the name fool you. Although [...]