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The GoldMine Theater — Savant Home Automation Denver and Control4 Denver Home Theater
Rustic Home Theater

The GoldMine Theater

Colorado Rustic Theater at it’s Finest

Sometimes you get the opportunity to do something amazing. Sometimes you can change the mundane into exceptional. Such it is with this Colorado mountain home with its amazing Gold Mine Theater. The husband, with a love of mines, got a huge surprise for his birthday, as The Rocky Mountain Design Collective transformed a mundane and completely ordinary “theater room” into something magnificent.
Colorado Goldmine Before Picture

At the time, the homeowner did not think that The Rocky Mountain Design Collective could take this 14×20 room had the size to accommodate the idea. By using the art of Trompe L’ Oeil (which adds depth of perception to visually enlarge what the eye sees), the main tunnel was created, taking you deep into the mine while the side tunnel exit takes you outside to where miners are panning for gold.

Rustic Home Theater

The gold mine environment is so real that when you touch the walls it feels just like you are under ground in a real gold mine. Naturally you can’t have a gold mine without a vein of gold, so it was added on the right hand side and and accented with fiber optic lighting.

Rustic Home theater

The support timbers are hand hewn and stained to look aged as if they came out of an actual mine. With the touch of a button of their control interface, the lights dim, the screen comes down from its hiding place behind an overhead beam, and the movie begins. And how about acoustics? The walls of the mine might look like an acoustician’s nightmare. However, their construction actually provides an incredible blend of both absorption and reflection. The final results – INCREDIBLE!

Rustic Home Theater
Don’t wait any longer for the fantasy theater that you have dreamed about. Call The Audio/Video Specialists and The Rocky Mountain Design Collective to see how we can help you take your idea from concept, to design, to completion in the most incredible way!