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The First Mac-based Control System – Fast, Reliable, Easy to Use.

Savant came onto the scene a few years ago with the promise of controlling your entire home without the need for any programming. They wanted to completely revolutionize home automation, audio and video distribution, and user interface creation. Although there is still programming needed for most systems, the have come through on the latter part. Savant uses the power of Apple and the strengths of their intuitive iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch to create a powerful, responsive, and reliable control system. When Apple released the iPhone, many pundits said they were crazy. They didn’t have any experience. They will never succeed. Savant has done for control systems, what Apple did for smart phones.With the release of the first iPad last year, Savant moved their user interface to the next level. And even right now just about everyone else is playing catch-up.

Now when it comes to programming, Savant has two levels. The most basic programming isn’t really programming at all. It is more like a setup wizard. There is still a lot to do, but it doesn’t take an expensive dedicated code person to make your TV’s work. That is great. To really get the most out of your system, you should have a team that is well versed in the back end code, however. The Audio Video Specialists has been installing and integrating Savant control systems almost since the inception of the company. We are familiar with all the ins and outs of their entire system. With basic stuff, yes, this might be overkill. But what about when something goes wrong. Inexperienced companies will trip all over themselves trying to find out where to look for the problem, not to mention then trying to fix it.

We love Savant for many reasons.

  1. Speed – We were previously an AMX house. AMX’s response and interface was always incredibly fast and solid. This is even faster!
  2. Reliability – Once the system has been installed and tested, it runs extremely well with very little downtime. It also has the most extensive external diagnostic tools that we have ever seen in a control system. That means that when something does happen, we can most likely evaluate, test, and fix the system without ever coming back to your house.
  3. Easy Upgrades – Many parts of the Savant system make programming easy, especially upgrades. When you ask us to upgrade to the latest super-gadget, there is a high percentage chance that it will be installed really easily and programmed remotely cutting down your costs. In the AMX days, any change or upgrade was expensive, usually $1000 or more, just to add something simple like a new DVD player or an iPod.
  4. Evolving Software – Savant is a software platform as much as it is a hardware platform. As a result, they are constantly adding new features and improving old ones. As a result, you have a control system that grows with you instead of you growing out of it.
  5. Incredible Interface – With the release of the iPad Savant elevated themselves to a completely new level. Control systems can control virtually anything in your home. And as simple as we think they are as integrators, there is still a lot to learn, which takes time. In the AMX days, we would spend a couple days getting a homeowner familiar with the features of a larger installation. Smart Apple control at your fingertipsAnd it would take 1-2 months before they would really be comfortable and not need to call us consistently to ask, “How do we do that again?” Apple has made the iPad incredibly intutive, and Savant used that to their advantage. The difference is amazing. Now we hand the homeowner the controls, and before we can say anything, they are already doing basic functions. They “get it” in usually less than an hour, maybe a little more for larger systems. And we hardly get any post-installation calls asking, “How do we do that again?” It is hard to believe. They also launched their new handheld remote, which works extremely well.
  6. Fast Audio Video Switching – The founders of Savant spent many years previous designing the switching networks that run our telephone systems that we all use today. Speed and reliablity was paramount for a telephone service. This experience translated into the fasted HDMI switching we have ever seen. It’s quick. It seems to work with any device, and the video quality is outstanding.


True Control – The Most Unique Experience


Are you ready for an interface that even more inituitive? Enter Savant’s True Control. With True Control you start with an actual photograph of you own room! Touch a light, and it illuminates the light on the iPad. At the same time, that exact light turns on in your room! Touch a TV or speakers, or anything that you have connected to your Savant automation system.

Savant True Control

HVAC Scheduling

One of Savant’s latest software revisions includes their easy to use HVAC scheduling interface. Change the day to day conditions of an existing schedule such as summer, winter, or vacation. Or you can start from scratch and create your own. It is as simple as touch and drag. Click on Savant HVAC automation to read more.
Definitive Technology Speakers

Native iTunes and Apple TV 2.0 Support

Savant automation systems are Mac-based. Therefore, all of your iTunes will work automatically. You don’t have to have any additional devices or software to make your music play. It just works. Now enter Apple TV 2.0. Savant iPad media
Apple is known to throw curveballs every year at consumers and developers. Savant is now the only control systems that works seamlessly with Apple TV 2.0 and iTunes Homesharing. Now you can access any iTunes library on the network, so everyone can keep their own libraries separate. We will still give you a central place to store all your media, so you don’t lose it. And this will allow you to take all your media on the road with you as well.

One Interface, Unlimited Control

Everything you see here is just the beginning of what you control. Additional systems and devices are added every day. Call us now to find out how Savant automation can help you.