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Definitive Technology XTR Speaker Systems — Savant Home Automation Denver and Control4 Denver Home Theater

Definitive Technology XTR Speaker Systems

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Definitive’s XTR series Blows Our Minds.

The new XTR line is absolutely incredible. Unfortunately, no matter how many pictures I put in here, seeing it in person is the only way to get a true appreciation for how good this speaker really is. The first time we installed one, our lead tech said, “Is that the grill?” as I pulled it out of the box for him to see. “No,” I responded, “that is the entire speaker.” He is Mr. Skeptical on about everything, can he couldn’t believe how small and how sleek it looked. He could only respond by saying, “Wow!” I love a great looking installation. It’s one of the things our company hangs our hat on. Definitive Technology SpeakersBut any interior designer would give us the evil eye if we called any type of audio video gear sexy. But that’s just what this is. And again, it has to be seen to be truly understood. Putting anything else next to today’s ultra-thin flat panel televisions just looks awkward.

We have never had a surround system before. We were referred to them by a co-worker of mine. We just wanted a basic system, and we used their smallest speakers <PM800′s>, which sound great. When Eric showed me how good this new speaker <XTR 50> looked with our new TV they got us, I decided to use that instead. It just looked so much better.” - Mickey F.

If you read our philosophy statement,  I discuss the tradeoffs between aesthetics and function or performance. The sound quality is amazing. Paired with a Supercube subwoofer  from Definitive Technology, you will have mind-blowing sound for music and movies. I can hardly believe I speaker this small, this thin, can output this level of sound quality.

Definitive Technology Speakers

We just moved to a new house and did our second system with them. We previously had the Mythos 8 speakers which were great. The new speakers <XTR 60′s> look amazing with our new 3D television. I think they sound as good as other ones. I might even say better because we paired them with the Supercube subwoofer. I loved my old Velodyne subwoofer that I had previously, but the Supercube is even better..” - Rick J.

Now to be fair this is the second pair of ultra-flat speakers to which we have been introduced. The first pair can be finished in any color imaginable, and they are custom made to fit a television’s width or height perfectly. We can install those in outdoor environments, a huge plus since we do a lot of incredible outdoor entertainment systems, and they also sound exceptional. However, they are a little more industrial looking and not nearly as sleek and sexy as the XTR’s. They also cost twice the price. So if you want your living room, family room, or home theater to really stand out, look no further than The Audio Video Specialists and one of Definitive’s XTR speaker systems.

For traditional 5 channel or 7 channel surround systems, the XTR series is available in 4 sizes, as you may have seen in the top picture. The choice depends on the size of the flat panel or projection screen you are installing and your overall audio budget. Due to their incredibly thin structure, installation must be extremely precise, meaning that the design of your room is very important. This is yet another reason why The Audio Video Specialists is a extremely respected dealer for Definitive Technology speakers. The XTR series can’t be simply screwed to the wall. It needs to be carefully installed, or you are going to have a mess and repair work on your hands.

A Single Speaker Option?

In some living rooms, rear speakers simply are not an option. Maybe there is just no way to get a wire to the correct location. Maybe the room is simply so open that there is no place to put rear speakers. Just like the original Mythos soundbar, the XTR SSA3 and SSA5 may be your solution. it is not actually one speaker, it is one cabinet housing either 3 or 5 speakers. I really don’t like soundbars, or the “fake” surround sound they produce. Companies will market theirs telling you how “lifelike” the surround experience is. I am here to tell you not to believe it. That being said, I Definitive Technology Speakers
was introduced to Definitive Technology’s Mythos soundbar a few years ago at CEDIA. I hate to eat my words, but I was impressed. It really did give an illusion of real surround sound. However, this was a room designed to receive maximum effect from their trickery. In the real world, though, it is still pretty good. It will never replace properly placed speakers in your room, and anyone who tells you differently is lying to you. But… that being said, it was acceptable. And the new SSA5 builds upon that success with the new form factor. So if rear speakers are not an option, and your room is not completely open, the SSA5 is a great solution.

Enter the SSA3. This single enclosure encompasses the left, right and center speakers in one enclosure installed above or below your television. This can be an excellent choice for above fireplace installations, where you want the biggest TV you can fit, but now the side speakers don’t have the room. Again, there are compromises. You won’t have quite the left/right separation that you would with distinct cabinets. But… it still looks outstanding and it sounds very good.