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STOP! Don’t buy that Ford….yet — Savant Home Automation Denver and Control4 Denver Home Theater

STOP! Don’t buy that Ford….yet

Changes from model year to model year are an obvious and expected occurrence. In normal conditions these changes are almost always upgrades, feature improvements, or additional features. What happens when those feature improvements end up being a downgrade? What happens when you, the consumer, don’t know the change has been made, and the salesperson doesn’t even know about the change in order to tell you? In our business, feature changes aren’t just a yearly occurrence, they are a monthly occurrence. Mid-model changes in firmware, software, or parts can weak havoc on a design that has been created specifically for you. When you have to take some many parts and manufacturers into consideration, even we don’t often find out about the change until the device is being installed. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of the myriad of electronics that should never be purchased if you are ever considering to have an electronics integrator incorporate them into a whole house system. Now, of course, the last thing on your mind when you walked into Best Buy or Costco, is what will my integrator think about this choice? Will it work with the system I haven’t decided or even thought about purchasing yet? And even beyond the “last” thing on your mind is what will my electronics integrator think of my new car purchase, right? Wrong.

Although traditionally I have considered myself a foreign car owner, I really can’t say that anymore as we have owned a Ford F-250 Van, Expedition, Mustang, Focus, and now the latest… and Explorer over the last few years. Beginning with the Expedition, I must admit car review home automationthat I loved the fact that the vehicle no longer needed a garage door opener. In fact, with three buttons we could easily program other automation functions from our Lutron lighting system. Ford has used Homelink for the last several years, and that system easily learns your existing garage remote. Lutron’s wireless remote, which replaces your garage door remote, also allows you to memorize various lighting scenes such as Home or Away. These scenes can do a myriad of operations such as turn on security lights outdoors, never return to a dark home by lighting exterior lights and internal pathways. Maybe you want to arm you security system or lock your doors. And since Homelink easily learns these programmable buttons, your Ford visor control can now open the garage door, activate home or away modes, or anything else you would like.

Enter 2012. Well, technically, Lear2U has been operating in models as early as 2007, but fortunately, or unfortunately, this is the first time we have run into one.

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