Savant HVAC Scheduling

Making it easy for the homeowner to create their own heating and cooling schedule has always been a little challenging. That has all changed thanks to Savant’s new HVAC iPad scheduler. I have personally worked with many systems and a variety of ways to handle HVAC scheduling. This has ranged from the simple thermostats that many of you currently own, up to incredibly complex HVAC systems with multiple thermostats, zones, and heating and cooling technologies all in the same home. I have never encountered a more simple, intuitive interface than this one. Want to add a new clock set point, so you can modify the temperature at that time? Just press the “+” button. From there move the small little circles from left to right to change when the setpoints will change. Move the little circles up and down to determine what the setpoints will be. It’s that easy. You can have multiple schedules for summer, winter, vacation, or anything else you want. And when you have a system engineered and designed by Denver’s Savant leaders, you know it will work fantastically for years to come.


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